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Riders Notice – Take Note

📁 General News 🕔06.November 2017
Riders Notice – Take Note

My Little Rant!! I’m hoping I only have to say this once!!

(This is not aimed at any individual)

I will not be spoken to how some riders feel they have had the right to speak to me this year.

I’m not being rude to you, but why should I have to stand and take the disrespectful comments I have had thrown at me in recent weeks?!

I will not be reduced to tears EVER again.

If you seriously don’t like the way we run our club – please don’t book in with us!!!

Portsmouth MX Club is basically my life and I put a lot of hard work and effort into making sure meetings and presentations run smoothly. Yes I have had a lot to cope with recently which some may feel is not relevant to the club, but that doesn’t give people the right to talk to me like I’m sh*t on their shoes!

No, I don’t run the club by myself, I am very grateful for the other officials and committee members who make this club as big and successful as it is.

What I will not tolerate is:

Making up your own rules just because you don’t like ours!

Visiting riders – I honestly don’t care what you do at all the other clubs you have ridden at, if you are at a PMXC meeting, you abide by OUR rules!!

BOOKING IN CLOSES AT 6PM – NO EXCEPTIONS – I have heard every excuse under the sun why you haven’t managed to book in over the past two weeks – it shuts at 6pm on a Friday NO BUTS!!  You will not be answered if you message either Jackie or myself after this time (which you shouldn’t do anyway – I don’t deal with it anymore!!) It can be 1 minute, it can be 15 minutes or 3 hours after it closes – BOOKING IN IS STILL SHUT!!

We do not accept late entries on the day –

this is how we run – if you have not booked in before6pm on the Friday and decide to turn up on Sunday to sign on, you will be turned away. You will not be allowed to ride, you will be sent home – there will be no arguments!!

This is how we choose to run our club for OUR convenience and with over 350 members, and gates of 200-240 riders normally every meeting, we are obviously doing a good job and don’t need a small minority of riders spoiling it for everyone!!

Yours in sport

Kay Kennedy

PMXC Event Secretary

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